Medical Marketing Program

Let’s be honest; what we do is a business. We want to provide the best service possible at a great value with excellent results and build a business. We help you grow your clinic by building your brand equity. We do this through focused communication that you are the authority at treating specific indications within an 8 to 12-mile range of your office.

We work with a highly professional law firm specializing in regenerative medicine clinics. They happily provide no charge answers to frequently asked questions and will spend time with you on the phone to get things started.

When you are the expert, people want to work with you. It rings true everywhere we look. We want the best landscaper, accountant, lawyer, doctor, even chef when we go out. Whenever you attend a party and tell someone what you do, invariably they or someone they know needs your services. Demand for your services is already in place; every day, people nearby wake up with an ache or pain, see wrinkles in their face, thinning hair, experience difficulties with their intimacy, or don’t have energy. Demand is not the problem; we focus on making you the top choice to fix the issue.

Thousands of companies are bombarding you weekly with everything from cheap SEO to call centers promising many patients banging on your door. Well, it just does not work that way. It is logical; there is no magic bullet getting to page one on Google or other engines; it requires a cohesive plan, executed in total, targeted towards your demographic, with KPI (Key Performance Indicators) targets and accountability. Most importantly, a full-frontal attack is required; proper on-page structure, SEO, SEM, articles, blogs, press releases, email campaigns, local newspapers, social media, and one often overlooked, partnerships with complementary entities.

We spend several hours showing you how to become the expert in your marketplace, target the right demographic for maximum return, build your practice with an end goal in mind, maximize profitability, and most importantly, have fun doing it. We do not give you vague generalities; we provide specific ideas, free resources, proven techniques, and create plans you can implement when you get back to your office. You do not have to use our company or anyone we know; we genuinely believe a rising tide lifts all boats.

We will begin with the ultimate goal you have in mind and do all we can to help craft a plan you will take from the program. We want you to be productive as soon as you get back to the office. All of our surveys come back stating the marketing aspects of our training were the most valuable. We will continue to deliver that value.

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